Црна Гора

by Heiðnir

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The album's title (pronounced "Tsrna Gora") in English is Black Mountain. It is the native name of the country Montenegro.
The album cover depicts Боботов Кук/Bobotov Kuk, a Montenegrin mountain peak. It is also adorned with tessellated Simargls, creatures from Slavic mythology and folklore.

The photograph of the mountain on the cover was taken by Göran Smith, described as "View of Bobotov Kuk from Minin Bogaz", and modified by Heiðnir. The original photograph can be found here: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bobotov_Kuk.jpg

English Translations:
Track 3: The Black Mountain

Composed and recorded Autumn 2016. Mixed and Mastered by Baphomephistopheliavathastaroth.

As wolves among sheep we have wandered, and as wolves among sheep we shall wander.


released October 31, 2016

Baphomephistopheliavastaroth: All instruments, vocals, drum and synth programming; lyrics, songwriting, layout, album cover layout, band logo.



all rights reserved


Heiðnir Canton, Massachusetts

Heiðnir (pronounced "high-th-neer), the Icelandic word for Heathen, is an epic Folk/Pagan Black metal band.

Poems (i.e. Lyrics) are inspired by Slavic mythology/folklore, Balkan and Eastern European geography, nature, and occultism.

Inspired by bands such as Bathory, Falkenbach, Emperor, Judas Iscariot, Ophthalamia, early Behemoth, Godkiller, Graveland, Sólstafir, and Nokturnal Mortum.
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Track Name: As Wolves Among Sheep
Part I: Declaration

(The day has come!
Birth of moon, death of sun!)

We are called Satanists; adversaries, opponents
So it shall be
For we stand to fight the war against Judeo-Christianity
The heathen pride breathes a new life
Into the once dying realms envenomed by Jesus Christ
Bloodied swords
The soldiers in the unholy war

Part II: Scorn Upon the Sheep

Death to the false light of Christ
I only walk by the guide of Perun
And strength of Veles

Slavonic Epitaph
For every fallen brother and sister
Who sacrificed for the fight against the Abrahamic lies...

Scorn the sheep
Unblessed be them all.

Part III: The Total Destruction

Part IV: Reincarnation of Ancient Times

Now the roots of a new age have set
Lay down thy swords upon the graves of the fallen
In nature's everlasting embrace

We dance by the flame
Of black magical art
In the land of our ancient Slavs

And as wolves among sheep we wander
Amidst the jackals we reside in slumber
We worship not at the family of dog
We are the wolves that lie latent in the fog
Our yearning for strength warms us in the cold
A chaotic melody from the winds begins to blow
A siren song, a premonition so mournful
The hands of doom have come for their souls
The blood of the fools desecrate the ground
As we masturbate onto the dying "king" without a crown: God.

(This song is dedicated to Quorthon, requiescat in Valhalla)
Track Name: Meandering Through the Dark Forest
In the dark forest
Where time has ceased
The freezing winds forever breathe
Inside contains the leafless trees
As it once was, and ever shall be
A foreboding surrounds the landscape
Where life and death will meet
Where the pagan winter reincarnates
And your soul shall soon follow me...
Meandering through the dark forest.
Track Name: Црна Гора
Behold, in the distant sky
Obscured by the black fog in night
Where snow falls
Even in summer
Atop the peak of the black mountain high
Black clouds draw forward
Around the peak (of Crna Gora)
Dusk sings with the winds as its choir
And the full moon awakens from sleep

Where my Master dwells
Horned goat of Pagan blood
Whence came Forth the spells of black occult witchcraft

Unholy shadows of wolves
Wander the nocturnal valleys
Where no man dared to walk through
And where archangels fall and decease.

Where, below, Veles sleeps.

Upon the mountain calls my forefathers' gods
The call of the gods of my ancient Slavs
Crna Gora
Crna Gora...the Black mountain.
Track Name: Lost/Wandering
Track Name: Who Mourns the Eagle
Fragments of the arcane past
Of Kingdoms lost and forgotten
Visions forged from a sense of longing for
When the eagle flew proud betwixt the mountains
A time distant
A time forgotten
A time lost
A time once begotten...
Now honored by cenotaph.
A man's Tears are shed
Near the vast sea
By the Black Throne
Adorned with two Eagles
As the Eroded edifices
Beneath the horizon's iridescence

He Who Mourns for the Eagle
The majesty of strength and might
The Apotheosis

Wandering, he who mourns the eagle.
Track Name: The Dusk
Track Name: Witchcraft
Part I:

Book of the occult and macabre 
Unites the worshippers of black arts 
Darkness to the flocks of the crucifix
Hail by the light of Perun
And the dark is lit by the rising moon 
Over a Ukrainian forest.
Tears of the firmament quench my thirst
In the forest free from thorn torn brow
Circle of darkness torchlit, my light
Memories fade like the skyline
Night is my queen
The twilight, our son

The sortilege, blasphemous. 

To spit vitriol into the eyes of Jesus Christ 
To nail Jehovah to the crucifix 
For their crimes against humanity 
Avenging the dead, those who died by the sword of Jehovah

Thy quietus, swift. 

"The wind as my robe...
I wear the wind as my robe, 
I wear it with pride;
I wear it for all those who have died..."

Part II:

I swing my sword through the sky
And lacerate the wind
Watching the air hemorrhage
And the firmament stain Crimson

The wind
The water
The earth
The fire

All within my grasp and channeling through my blood
The moonlight my mead
I drink it with lust and gluttony

Insatiable bloodlust
Richest wine, for which I thirst
Incantation to Veles for eternal night
And the fullest moon in indigo skies

Dark endless forests are my dominion
Even Jehovah dare not tread here

Ritualistic moon scorns the lambs beyond
A paragon
Sin sits proudly on the throne
And the waters still flow beneath
The stream
Of winds
Near Altar black
Guarding Dark majesty awaiting
Beyond The Woods.


(This song is dedicated In Memory of the Fallen Heretics)