Thunder And Lightning, The Ancient Prediction

by Heiðnir

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The album name is taken from the Bathory song "The Return of the Darkness and Evil".

The cover art is called "Lightning", by Lithuanian artist Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (22 September 1875-10 April 1911).

"The Abrahamic faiths are antiquated, archaic, and obsolescent. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and their respective sects... all weeds of the same seeds.
All deserve antipathy, equally. Dogma rules with an iron fist through the mouths of shepherds with hordes of sheep that live in submission to nonexistent powers conceived by the minds of puppet-masters, swindlers, con artists. To give false hope and reward, through blood that has spread by the sword in the name of mere anthological pieces disjointed and contradictory with each other.
It's time the zeitgeist be slain and every atom of it annihilated."-Свјатослав Црни Вук, 14 November, Anno 2016 CE.

Recorded and mixed at various points between November 2016 to March 2017.
Music and lyrics by Свјатослав Црни Вук. Mastered just after the vernal equinox, 2017.

Svjatoslav dedicates this album to the memory of Tony "It" Särkkä; requiescat in pace.


released April 30, 2017

Свјатослав Црни Вук (Svjatoslav the Black Wolf): All instruments, drums, synth and drum programming, vocals, layout, lyrics, composition.

Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis: Cover art.



all rights reserved


Heiðnir Canton, Massachusetts

Heiðnir (pronounced "high-th-neer), the Icelandic word for Heathen, is an epic Folk/Pagan Black metal band.

Poems (i.e. Lyrics) are inspired by Slavic mythology/folklore, Balkan and Eastern European geography, nature, and occultism.

Inspired by bands such as Bathory, Falkenbach, Emperor, Judas Iscariot, Ophthalamia, early Behemoth, Godkiller, Graveland, Sólstafir, and Nokturnal Mortum.
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Track Name: Intro: At the Dawn of Battle
Track Name: Glory to the God of the Underworld
Our blood for your worship
Our strength for your glory
Glory to you, God of the underworld
As blood is shed, the fire is fed
And the moon transcends
Until time shall end
Your darkness, your masterpiece
Your chaos, the Kings' grand feast
Your uncaring eyes
Glare towards the skies
As time subsides
And the dusk welcomes the night.

To the once naked sky now dressed in fog,
We raise our swords to your puissance,
Vast and great like dreams of kingdoms of infinity,
And Around the ashen effigy of Abraham we dance.
Track Name: The Firmament Weeps Everlasting Lightning and Thunder
Suns have risen, and Suns have set
Memories time shall soon forget
As cloud and fog infect the atmosphere
I wonder about the sun I once held dear
The heavens weep and the sky blackens beyond darkness
Golden hues and shades of chartreuse
Faded into the fragments of the olden past
Everlasting rain, everlasting dark
Everlasting lightning, and song of thunder afar
Sempiternal tears weep
From the firmament that never sleeps
Where the moon shines in enrapturing mystery
Despite its sight an occluded enigma to me
The spell of the night enrapturing as we breathe
I wonder about the past
Whose fragments never last
I wonder about the time beyond
Where the sky never rebirths the dawn...
...for The firmament cries lightning and thunder
Until time has long been gone.
Track Name: The Firebird Soars Over the Sunken City of Kitezh
Track Name: ...I Long for the Winter Frost
May I dwell among the snakes
Among the serpents of Eden
For I long for the winter frost
Of Paradise defeated
A time to begin, Autumn
A time to follow, spring
But the eternal frost of eastern forests
The dream of mine, like conquering a king.

As The river of my lamentation no longer can flow
When the landscape around is covered in ice and snow;
When The trees once green have turned to white,
The darkness within me shall become light.
Track Name: Under The Glare of The Infernal Flame
Beyond where the wolves howl to dark imperial shadows
Beyond where scars of the arcane stream bleed through the morrows
Beyond where dreams die and nightmares are born
Beyond the seas of leviathan where love descends into scorn

Beyond the land where hatred reigns supreme
Beyond where the night rules your darkest dreams
Beyond the fires of the infernal pentagram
That rise to heaven and burn the Tetragrammaton.
Track Name: The Poisoning Glare of the Moon
The spitting image of the burning fire
When wolves brave wander the vast winter
We implore for the moon to shine
To bring upon eternal night
To vanquish the sun way up high
To bring darkness to the world of light
When wolves brave wander the vast winter
The poisoning glare of the moon
Spoken in spells
Heathendom's desire
The spitting image of the burning fire.
Track Name: The Wrath of the Wolf
Chained he once was-after the full moon fell
Seemingly cursed forever-by white magician's spell
Vengeance cold as the winter-births in him
But, Shed blood he shall-on night black as death and sin

The night black as death and sin-emerges, begins to awaken
And a full moon surrounds herself-with the stars bright as gold
Under a naked cloudless sky-with the full moon in his eyes
The wolf grows as strong as the gale

No more would he be chained-unchained are his being and wrath
And his wrath grows stronger with time-his thirst arises for a bloodbath
He frees himself from the forest once dark-now illuminated by the gleaming stars
The Wrath of the wolf cries for vengeance. It strengthens with him, it rules with him, it shall slay with him.

The ones who chained the wolf are found-torn and maimed they are until they cry no sound
Never again shall he be chained, he rules the forest as his domain
They cried in agony at his wrath-he just glared at them and laughed
The wrath of the wolf has been satiated-to the forest dwells free once more!
Track Name: Outro I: Reflections in the Black
I sit alone in the night
I sit alone beneath the starlight
I wonder, I wander in this black night
Alone in the shadows shall dwell I. 

I sit by the lake reflecting the stars
I sit beside the forest vast and dark 
I wonder of the spring and its sun
When the winter I once knew will never come 

I sit beneath the clouds who trickle the rain 
I sit beneath the daylight sky that has been slain
I sit beneath the moon, I behold her gaze 
I wonder how night will be when I no longer shall see day 

So I sit by the flickering candlelight
My paragon of life, the flame shall soon die 
Daylight shall come, my journey complete 
Beneath my final moonlight, my last tear... I now weep...
Track Name: Outro II: The Glorious Baltic Shores