Мой храм слёз, чорны, як вечнай ночы

by Heiðnir

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The Byelorussian title in English is "My Temple of Tears, Black as the Eternal Night".

Мой храм слёз, чорны, як вечнай ночы was recorded January 2017.


released January 18, 2017

Свјатослав Црни Вук: Instruments, vocals, lyrics, production, layout.
Front cover: The Nightmare Path, by Jāzeps Grosvalds. In addition, a greyscale Rushnyk pattern, derived from the Belarusian flag, is adorning the bottom.



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Heiðnir Canton, Massachusetts

Heiðnir (pronounced "high-th-neer), the Icelandic word for Heathen, is an epic Folk/Pagan Black metal band.

Poems (i.e. Lyrics) are inspired by Slavic mythology/folklore, Balkan and Eastern European geography, nature, and occultism.

Inspired by bands such as Bathory, Falkenbach, Emperor, Judas Iscariot, Ophthalamia, early Behemoth, Godkiller, Graveland, Sólstafir, and Nokturnal Mortum.
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Track Name: Of Ancient Times, Unknown and Lost to History
Track Name: Мой храм слёз, чорны, як вечнай ночы
(English translation: My Temple Of Tears, Black, like the Eternal Night)

I'm a lone soldier, the warrior of the wolves
Basking in the moonlight gleam
Lachrymose stars from my beautiful dreams
My temple of tears lies isolated
Idolatry of my ancestral gods
Paganism perished, and the sunlight I sought

The eternal night is black
I kneel before the illuminating torch
In my temple of tears.

Long I have lived, in this vast forest amid
The riverbanks, the estuaries
A palace their bastard Jehovah forbid

The Baltic shores, where the birds would soar

Riga, her hills singing softly
Hearkening back to the glory
Threnodial, exegetical whispers to me
By my temple of tears, black as the eternal night over the seas.

Return to me, like to the flowers the honeybee.

(I deny and defy their Christian ways
Spawns of Judaism are spiritual plagues
I spit at your wretched messiah Jesus Christ
With the blood of my brethren you dared slay onto the ice).

I have treasured the elegiac swords, to whom my oaths I swore
Before The spring of the day.